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Catherine: Full Body to launch on PS4 in September

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Atlus has announced that "gaming's most twisted love triangle to become a love square when Catherine: Full Body launches on PS4 in the West on September 3, 2019".

Players who purchase Catherine: Full Body will receive a fully remastered 2011 game that comes with improved visuals, new music, enhanced multiplayer and much more. There are a number of "brand new branching story paths", tons of new cutscenes and new animated cinematics. Players will also be challenged to solve over 500 puzzles and there is the new Safety Mode that allows players to skip any puzzles and to just enjoy the story.

Catherine: Full Body features a number of brand-new cutscenes, animated cinematics, and entirely new branching story paths. ATLUS is happy to announce that the full main voice cast of the original Catherine will be making their return in this new installment, including:
  • Troy Baker as Vincent, our tormented main character
  • Laura Bailey as Catherine, the flirtatious and bewitching girl of Vincent's dreams
  • Michelle Ruff as Katherine, Vincent's long-term girlfriend with plans of settling down
  • Also, introducing Brianna Knickerbocker as Catherine: Full Body's new central character, Rin,the mysterious amnesiac who suddenly shows up in Vincent's life one day, potentially changing his life forever
  • ...and many more!