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One Piece World Seeker to be released on March 15

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Bandai Namco has announced that One Piece World Seeker will be out and about for PlayStation 4, XBox One and Windows PC on March 15th. Players will take on the role of Pirate Captain Monkey D. Luffy as he sets sail to explore Jewel Island, "a land torn in two by war". Players will work to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries and help citizens.

Some of the major features include:

  • Karma System - build relationships with the denizens of Jewel Island by completing tasks and side missions and other objectives. "Completing newly opened missions will net you skill points, dialog scenes" and even an occasional rare item.
  • Travel around the island using "Luffy's dynamic and stretchy Gum Gum abilities".
  • Combat using the Haki Battle System that places an emphasis on "elastic attacks"
How did you make sure Luffy’s movements and abilities were accurate to the original source material?
Through discussions between the licensor and dev team, we were able to ensure that Luffy’s actions were replicated straight from the manga and anime. We were confident we could do a good job in making Luffy’s abilities come to life, but it didn’t come without trial and error. We constantly tested his different actions to make sure it would translate into a fun experience. We believe that we succeeded in this task.

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