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Guess what!? Microids is remaking XIII

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Microids and PlayMagic have announced that the classic cel-shaded FPS, XIII, is being remade and will be coming out for PC, Mac, Switch, XBox One and PlayStation 4 on November 13, 2019! The game thrilled a generation of devoted fans back in 2003 and it is the goal of the development team to recapture the magic. Part story-driven adventure and part epic first-person shooter action, XIII also embodies "solid gameplay and a unique artistic direction".

Play as «Thirteen», a talented soldier who lost his memory and has been accused of killing the President of the United States. You wake up injured and amnesic on Brighton Beach with the only clue being a small key and a mysterious tattoo « XIII » next to your clavicle. It’s now your job to search for answers in the 34 levels of the solo campaign. Don’t worry, you will find the appropriate weapon arsenal along the way.