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Pokemon everywhere - see what's coming soon!

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If you just can't get enough Detective Pikachu in movies or via its tie-in game, have we ever got great news for you: A sequel to the original Detective Pikachu game is coming to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made yesterday by The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara and honestly? That's all that was said. Not a single detail about the game was revealed, though we do know it will take off from the ending of the first game "with Tim's father still missing and Detective pikachu still without his memory".

The Pokemon Company also announced Pokemon Home, a cloud-based service that allows players to store and share Pokemon amongst all platforms. There will be some social functionality added at some point as well.

Pokemon Masters is a forthcoming mobile game that will center on 3v3 PvP battles.

Pokemon Sleep will also gamify a player's rest time -- because no place should be safe from gaming, right?

Soon, Trainers will be able to wake up with Pokémon every morning with Pokémon Sleep, a mobile app from The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Sleep aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by having a player’s time spent sleeping, and the time they wake up, effect the gameplay. While more details about the app’s functionality will be revealed at a later date, it was announced that a new device from Nintendo, Pokémon GO Plus +, will connect to Pokémon Sleep and launch with the app.
The device will use an embedded accelerometer to track a user’s time sleeping and send this information to their smartphone via Bluetooth. This new device also has the same functions as the original Pokémon GO Plus, so Trainers can use it with Pokémon GO during the day and with Pokémon Sleep at night. Trainers can look forward to Pokémon Sleep launching for mobile devices in 2020. To celebrate this early look at Pokémon Sleep, Trainers around the world will have the chance to encounter Snorlax that are lying down and deep in sleep in Pokémon GO beginning today.