Tour de France 2022 Reviews

Tour de France 2022 is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
5 / 10
Jul 3, 2022

Cycling enthusiasts may find something to enjoy in the unique, tactical gameplay, which is all about picking your moments and pedalling like there’s no tomorrow.

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Jun 21, 2022

Those who did not play last year's game should not be deterred from giving Tour de France 2022 a shot. Though the graphics and animations may be a little outdated, the mechanics and how to best employ them on the course do an admirable job of recreating the strategy of cycling. The races may be long if you insist on experiencing every second of them, but the option to fast forward through sections helps immensely when the course starts to feel redundant and interminable. Anyone who did spend some playing Tour de France 2021 though is likely to be disappointed by how light this game is on new content, unless they happen to be a huge cycling fan who absolutely needs to be able to play the real route of this year's upcoming tour.

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4 / 10.0
Jun 28, 2022

The gameplay and racing in Tour de France 2022 has depth that reflects what makes bicycle racing feel different than other racing games. Unfortunately, those mechanics are buried inside a bare bones package that happily wastes your time.

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60 / 100
Jun 20, 2022

Cyanide brings us one more year the official game of the Tour de France. This 2022 suffers from an excess of continuity already carried over from previous installments. The formula, although it can delight the most enthusiastic followers of cycling, still has great shortcomings.

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Jun 28, 2022

Tour de France 2022 is left spinning up the steepest climb as the enthusiasm and energy fast drains away.

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Jul 1, 2022

I am a cyclist and a cycling fan and yet again Tour de France 2022 has left me disappointed. This may be because I live in the cycling world so know about the nuances of racing and the differences between bikes, maybe a Zwift review should follow?!

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Ondřej Svoboda
6 / 10
Jun 23, 2022

You will enjoy the game if you are an undemanding player and know what to expect from the Tour de France 2022. But outdated graphics kill the user experience.

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8 / 10.0
Jul 1, 2022

Tour de France 2022 is a challenging and strategic sports title. With plenty of modes to choose from and difficult races to complete, this will test you. If you can overlook the dated imagery and the unfortunately repetitive audio, you'll experience a great title.

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