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Jul 29, 2015

But these moments are too few and too far between, in a brief but well-designed puzzle game that really just doesn't need them. There's a strong tradition of puzzle games enlivened by the voices that inhabit their world, but the more I look at Pneuma, the more I am forced to conclude that it would be better if it simply had the confidence to be silent.

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61 / 100 - Jazzpunk
Feb 6, 2014

This might be the central recognition that tips Jazzpunk toward working as a comedy. It's a ridiculous world, and we run ridiculously through it.

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Mar 4, 2015

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is still a thing of beauty, lovely to look at and challenging (but not punitive) in play. In places, you can even see the sculptor's fingerprints, but you can't leave any of your own.

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55 / 100 - Aaru's Awakening
Mar 24, 2015

All of this will likely be tremendously appealing to a particular sort of player, and Aaru's Awakening clearly deserves a certain recognition for putting its own twist on the unforgiving 2D platformer. But if you are going to enter this world, know that the extrinsic rewards are few. The challenge is really all there is. The gods give only what they will, and are unconcerned with whether mortals find it sufficient.

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50 / 100 - Star Fox Zero
Apr 28, 2016

As a game, Star Fox Zero isn't so much broken as deeply and disappointingly lacking in inspiration. Shiny but not smooth, it's a game about a space-faring fox in a spaceship that turns into a chicken without any sense of joy, and that might be the biggest disappointment of all.

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