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Dec 5, 2014

Trine: Enchanted Edition offers a traditional platforming action-adventure game with a unique and incredibly entertaining twist. The physics make playing through each level even more fun, as players can experiment with the objects and enemies to their hearts' content. The whole game is presented beautifully, with an amazing accompanying soundtrack that fits perfectly within each of the levels. Whether it is exploring the hallways of the Astral Academy or navigating the Crystal Caverns, Trine delivers a truly memorable experience thanks to its entertaining gameplay, luscious visuals and truly legendary soundtrack. The smooth and enjoyable co-op mode is very much the delectable cherry on top of an already irresistible cake.

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8 / 10 - Cloudbuilt
Oct 23, 2014

First-person games are often dominated by a theme of shooting, but Cloudbuilt is one of the few games to place a low emphasis on combat. The game would work perfectly well without any confrontation and it is possible to complete the majority of it as a pacifist. Cloudbuilt's strengths lie in its amazing platforming elements, which are in abundance throughout the game. Whether it is running along walls, boost jumping between platforms or scaling high walls, the game creates a rush of adrenaline that makes it one of the most enjoyable experiences available.

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