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My editor, in his wisdom, warned me that this is a kids game - the implication being that I should attempt to be fair, even though this may not necessarily be in my realm. He had a point. I kinda had a feeling I wasn't going to like this game. Frankly, I thought Power Rangers were a knock off Voltron, and as a Voltron fan, I made it a point to not enjoy Power Rangers as a child - even though watching Voltron while being sober and an adult is significantly more baffling, in all honesty. So, I did what any responsible journalist-ish dad would do, and had my kids play the game with me and will only use their ratings for the game.

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8.5 / 10.0 - Mafia 3
Mar 5, 2017

Overall I did really enjoy the game bugs aside, it won't happen to everyone. The game has some beautiful cut-scenes, dialog from the time, and a great voice over cast. I really enjoyed characters Lincoln and Donovan, the way they set this up will leave you wondering why one guy would help a man go on such a crazy killing spree, against the mob no less. The ending connects all the dots and leaves you happy with the time you invested. There are several different endings depending on who you kill and who you don't as well as how you dish out the territory. Mafia 3 blends this with a killer soundtrack and replayability. The game isn't perfect but it's fun, and I can totally recommend you play it.

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