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Jun 29, 2017

Vicarious Visions has put an incredible lot of passion and effort into making a truly remastered bundle, but the games themselves have awfully aged and aren't a welcoming experience to beginners as mush as they are an excuse to revisit some old memories.

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65 / 100 - Prey
May 29, 2017

After playing Prey and experiencing its nonprogressive and unbalanced gameplay, all I can think of is if Prey was the exact reboot which Bethesda was looking for and whether such a mediocre game was worth the cancellation of Prey 2 or not.

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May 21, 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is exactly the kind of experience that Nintendo Switch needs and switch-buyers want; compact, seamless and neverendingly fun.

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75 / 100 - Outlast II
May 1, 2017

Outlast 2 tries to introduce itself as a genre-defying game, but repetitive gameplay and lack of characterization have made it a so-so game, although it's worth a try. Moreover, the game gets really nasty at some points that makes it as horror as Saw franchise is. it's neither quite horror nor quite Saw-like, but you can have some fun with it for a few hours -maybe jump scare at some points- and then forget all about it.

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95 / 100 - Persona 5
Apr 19, 2017

Persona 5 isn’t made for anyone, but anyone can enter its lush and colorful world and experience an exceptional Japanese Role Playing game. Persona 5 is slow, doesn’t rush anything and pay an increasingly attention to details – Sometimes maybe too much. But after beating first few hours, Persona 5 becomes a combination of unique narration, involving gameplay and eye-catching artistic style.

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75 / 100 - Gravity Rush 2
Mar 29, 2017

The Artistic and colorful world of Gravity Rush 2 only attracts people who are patient and willing to experience anything but one of those empty-handed action games, just like a European movie which you never heard of and it becomes the most awarded movie in Cannes or Venice Film Festivals. Don’t get me wrong, Gravity Rush 2 is not so much of a masterpiece as those movies, but its vivid graphics and innovative gameplay makes you ignore some problems and grant it a second chance.

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Mar 8, 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn meets all our expectations of an exclusive game and even beyond. The story is really fascinating, music is no less than Ramin Djawadi's masterpiece in Game of Thrones, artistic and technical graphics run at a level which we've never seen anything like it and gameplay speaks for itself.

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