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Dec 4, 2013

Need For Speed: Rivals is a must have for fans of racing games with a friends list full of similar gamers; everyone else should weigh up their options. There's plenty to do, but be prepared for some mild annoyance.

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4 / 10.0 - Fighter Within
Nov 28, 2013

Fighter Within could have had potential, if more work had gone into the gesture recognition and making the Kinect actions translate into the game world, but as it stands it feels like a lazy game that's been rushed out to hit the Xbox One's launch date. The multiplayer is fun, but a lot of that is due to the fact that you're playing with another person in the same space. Any attempt at online multiplayer would have failed as miserably as the single player campaign, especially as you can't see the look of disappointment on their faces as they fall – yet again – to your flying fists. I can only hope that something else comes along soon to show us what Kinect 2.0 is truly capable of, because if this is it, we're in for another generation of shockingly disappointing movement-controlled video games.

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Still, despite the short length of the DLC, and the pretty hefty price tag, you're getting an amazing single-player experience with characters we've come to adore, and there's no doubt that the ending of Episode One will leave you frothing at the mouth for the second outing.

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