Plastic Rebellion

Detalion Games S.A., Detalion Games S.A., PlayWay S.A.

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Plastic Rebellion

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 23, 2020

Developer: Detalion Games S.A.

Publishers: Detalion Games S.A., PlayWay S.A.

Genres: Strategy, First-Person Shooter

When the parents are out, the whole house becomes a playground. But when a computer virus infects your 3D printer and starts mischief, it’s up to you to defend the place you call home and turn your playground into a battlefield! Armed only with your cherished toys, you must face an ever-growing army of plastic and stop the virus before it takes over the world (or at least your bedroom, kitchen and basement)! Experience a unique twist on the tower defence genre – work out the best strategy and place your defensive troops in levels full of interactive elements, then support them with a set of specialized weapons. Face off against enemies both on the ground and in the air through a series of ever more intense waves, culminating in a standoff with a giant boss. Main Features: Tower defense gameplay with FPS elements Diverse choice of defensive troops Fully interactive environments Bright, cartoon graphics

Plastic Rebellion Critic Reviews

Detalion Games’s Plastic Rebellion takes Tower Defense and FPS mechanics and shrinks them down to toy size. The result is a charming - yet deeply flawed - three to four hour game. Set up your defenses, break out your NERF… sorry, I mean, FERN gun and help the green army men beat the black army men. A thoroughly nostalgic experience to many readers, I’m sure.

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