Hiveswap: Act 2

Fellow Traveller, What Pumpkin Games, Inc.

Hiveswap: Act 2 MastheadHiveswap: Act 2 Masthead

Hiveswap: Act 2

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 25, 2020

Developer: What Pumpkin Games, Inc.

Publisher: Fellow Traveller

Genres: Adventure, RPG, Interactive Story

Continue Joey and Xefros’s adventure through the dark and dangerous planet Alternia. Meet dozens of unique and memorable characters, some more helpful than others, as you navigate this volatile alien culture. Hurry up! There’s a train to catch. HIVESWAP: ACT 2 is the highly anticipated second entry in the four-part series of narrative adventure games from the universe of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. Hiveswap has something for you, whether you're a dedicated fan or just now discovering the fandom phenomenon. THE DREAM OF THE 90'S IS ALIVE ON ALTERNIA The artistry and humor of the golden age of adventure games meet hand-drawn 2D animation in this love letter to the point-and-click classics. Bizarre, beautifully illustrated alien landscapes and colorful characters make Alternia a joy to explore. ... BUT THE STAKES ARE HIGHER THAN EVER ACT 2 brings your journey to a whole new level. Can you safely guide our naive protagonist through a world of murder, intrigue and villainous clowns? These aren’t the slapstick puzzles Joey grew up with – on Alternia, everything is a matter of life or death! AN UNFORGETTABLE SOUNDTRACK James Roach and Toby Fox (creator of Undertale) return for another genre-spanning original soundtrack. Bombastic orchestral arrangements and eclectic tracks score your adventure across this strange alien planet. ALL YOUR FAVORITE FRIENDS AND ENEMIES Meet and talk to dozens of iconic characters from the alien race of trolls, who range from friendly to murderous. Make friends, solve their problems, and do your best to not get eaten! Your choices will decide the fate of your world and theirs. A CONTINUOUS STORY HIVESWAP: ACT 2 is the second of a four-part series set in Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck universe. If you import your save from ACT 1, the game will remember all your choices – and might even unlock hidden secrets. The adventure will continue on in ACT 3. FUZZY ON ACT 1? NEVER READ HOMESTUCK? No problem! Our in-game recap will bring you back up to speed on everything that you need to know to jump right into ACT 2 with a fresh save. No prior knowledge of Homestuck is required to fall into this immersive alien world. But you can still find and play ACT 1 right here!

Hiveswap: Act 2 Critic Reviews

Cultured Vultures

J Bergin
6 / 10.0
Cultured Vultures

After three years of development, Act 2 is just fine. Hopefully the next instalment is stronger and will come earlier than 2023, but we'll have to wait and see.

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