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Life of Boris: Super Slav

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 12, 2020

Developer: SneakyBox

Publisher: SneakyBox

Genres: Adventure, Action, Arcade, Puzzle

Crazy adventures of YouTube legend Boris await. Jump into the hilarious world of YouTube personality Boris the Slav King in the official game of Life of Boris! In Super Slav you will learn about the life of the Slav phenomenon Boris and his adventures. Meet his unique family such as cousin Anatoli and babushka, or his neighbour Vadim, and find out what it means to be Cheeki Breeki! • EXPERIENCE a true Slav life with one and only Boris. He will show you the true way! • COMPETE with other Slavs in SlavOlympics. Show the gopniks how much mayonez you can intake. • COLLECT all of the Boris’ favorite HardBass hits from Uamee, Gopnik McBlyat and DJ Blyatman. • LEARN special recipes from Boris’ babushka’s kitchen. • CUSTOMIZE Boris’ appearance with specially made balaclavas. • DISCOVER all the possible endings of Boris’ adventures. Some may let you continue, some will leave you scratching your head.

Life of Boris: Super Slav Critic Reviews

I said at the begging of the review I didn't have high expectations, it's a shame the game proved less fun than I expected. Unfortunately, I did not get very much entertainment out of it at all. It felt more like an educational game for young kids trying to put things in the right order. Sadly, even those can be more fun. However, fans of the YouTube channel may get some entertainment out of the game, but I cannot justify the $4.99 price tag for anyone. Fans should probably stick to the YouTube channel.

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SUPER SLAV has arrived! (Now on Android and iOS)

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