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General Information

Available on:PCMar 30, 2021

Developer: MinMax Games Ltd.

Publisher: MinMax Games Ltd.

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

YOU’RE IN CHARGE Design, Plan, Build and Manage every aspect of your golf course from the ground up. Place every structure, every tee, and every hole. Manipulate the very earth itself and forge the perfect golf course. It’s all up to you! Just don’t go bankrupt. BUILD IT, AND THEY WILL COME 200 Persistent golfers make frequent visits to your course, evolving and growing in skill. Over time they will develop a long term opinion of your course. Keep them happy enough and they’ll turn into prestigious members, netting you more money. Or drive them to madness with a golf gauntlet nightmare! DATA MINE GOLFERS MINDS Golfers have over 100 different thoughts, ranging from “I have to pee” to “The green is too large”. Seriously, who would ever complain about the green being too large? Peer into the minds of your visitors, seeing exactly where a thought took place, giving you critical feedback on how to tinker and tune your golf course over time. GOLF HAS A NEMESIS … WEEDS Fight off an infestation of weeds, bent on turning your beautiful creation into a disgusting knotted mess of ill-tempered foliage. Build an army of drone workers, or employ powerful defensive turrets to keep your course clean and tidy. GOLF OF TOMORROW, AND BEYOND Build crazy devices like fans, bumpers, launchers, teleporters, and more! These devices can make or break your golf course, allowing you to manipulate the physics of the ball itself. Turn your course into a money making machine of fine tuned perfection. Or a ruthless meat grinder of frustration and injury.

GolfTopia Critic Reviews

Come out to the golf course for a review of GolfTopia. With mixed-genre games on the rise, so this hybrid golf management game fits right in. Should you join the club and build your own course, or should you just go bowling instead?

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GolfTopia is a good game with great potential. It offers a lot of customisation, a non-existent learning curve, and you can actually play golf. Even though it has a few minor issues and the characters look like they are from the PS2 era, GolfTopia is a must-play for any golf sim lover.

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GOLFTOPIA: 1.0 Released!

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GOLFTOPIA Announcement Trailer

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