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Alchemy Emporium

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 26, 2021

Developers: Curtel Games, Xteam software solutions

Publishers: Curtel Games , Xteam software solutions

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Alchemy Emporium is a fantasy management game, where you play as a promising alchemist in a dynamic world with procedurally generated potions. Buy ingredients, turn them into potions and sell them for a profit! Companions Over the course of your adventure, you will be accompanied by companions such as Dragons, Imps, skeletons and many more! Hire them and level them up upgrading their skills. Procedural system The procedural system generates completely different concoctions for every single game. Each time, you will live a totally new experience, discovering new powerful blends! A dynamic events, quests, and weather system will throw new challenges your way all the time! Perks Spend some time reading the rare knowledge tomes in the library and upgrade your character with over 228 different skills! Then, keep those books in your library for future reference, or sell them in the shop. Milestones Complete milestones to earn skill points! The goals your business partners will assign you are generated parametrically, offering over 1 million possibilities, making every game unique. Sabotages The world of Alchemy is hard and devious, all alchemists will try anything to be successful. Great prices and potions aren't enough to get ahead, you’ll need to attack your rivals before they have a chance to attack you. Choose a sabotage and recruit a saboteur, but careful not to get caught: for every action there is an equal and opposite revenge! Much more There are so many things you’ll be able to do in your new alchemy emporium: with over 18,000 different potions to be discovered, choose the partner that best suits your strategy and launch your enterprise together, select the starting village and secret order, prepare advertising campaigns to lure customers, organize weeks according to events, such as village markets or jousting tournaments, and exploit any weather bonus or penalty to your advantage!

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