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The Legion of Maelstrom

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 24, 2021

Developer: Andrew R.

Publisher: Andrew R.

Genres: RPG, Strategy

"The Legion of Maelstrom," is an adventure with unique mechanics, strategic character building, and challenging battles set in a desperate land of imminent destruction. Take the role of a common citizen, who must learn the ways of the 5 classes to master [Battle] and take out the storm sorcerer before [The Lands] are wiped out from existence. Unique mechanics manufactured for a unique experience: > Defeat-Loot-Repeat: - Every enemy drops weapons, accessories, and (with a little luck) ultimate equipment, - Resurrect each boss to re-battle and re-loot. > "Level-Up Limits" for each boss/ No experience system: - Level-Up after every fight up to two times per class per enemy. > "Gacha-Game!": - Spend your hard earned gold to win unique and powerful accessories. > Character building: - Selectively prepare and choose your equipment for each enemy, - Store builds on each class. > Explore an open world: And best of all... > NO RANDOM BATTLES! After being introduced to the mechanics of the game, explore [The Lands] at your own pace and challenge King Maelstrom when you're ultimately prepared.

The Legion of Maelstrom Critic Reviews

The Legion of Maelstrom is a retro-inspired turn-based RPG that takes everything you know from games you have played in the past and switches it up to make a totally new experience. This game feels like an RPG from an alternate reality, it's a must-play game that needs to be experienced!

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