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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 42015
Xbox One2015

Publisher: Versus Evil

Genre: Simulation

Habitat is a physics-based space survival game where you build, fly, and fight with stations you assemble out of space debris. Upgrade and arm your creations with weapons and structures you find in orbit, fly and explore using rocket physics, and do battle with deadly enemies to save humanity. Leading your team of engineers, you will have to build and fly your space stations in a zero gravity setting, mastering physics driven flight simulation to explore the space around you. In order to thrive and grow you have to manage your population and their environment. In the event of a threat get creative and turn your space stations into deadly weapons using pieces of debris you pick up such as rockets, lasers and particle accelerators to fight and ultimately survive against attacks from the enemy. This is a space survival game where crisis is guaranteed and your only chance for survival is to be creative and decisive in the face of disaster.

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Green Man Gaming
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Habitat Trailer | PS4

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