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General Information

Available on:PCJan 20, 2016

Developer: Unwonted Studios

Genre: Interactive Story

Sickness is a Visual Novel following the life of Suoh, a high school student turned violent criminal. Following the deaths of his parents, Suoh is left without a home or source of income. All he has is his twin sister, Sara, who he promises to provide for, even if doing so means throwing his life away. Using the entirety of their savings, the two move to another city, wherein Suoh quickly finds work. Sara commutes to her old school, Suoh works long, physically-demanding hours, and the two survive off instant food, barely scraping by. It isn't a happy life, but they make it work. Or at least they did, until a violent outburst set into motion a rapid descent.

Sickness Critic Reviews

Sickness is not a visual novel for the faint of heart or those looking for a good, comedic romp with adorable anime characters.

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Sickness is sinister, violent and bloody yet it's one you'll find hard to put down. It's a real stand out title from the visual novel genre, with much more brutality than romance. The protagonist for the most part can be very unlikeable as he takes some repulsive actions to which you don't have a choice over, but the rest of the narrative and characters more than make up for it. A must read for any visual novel fans looking for a bit of variation in their library.

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