No Man's Sky

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While the game is an awesome achievement, the amount of unaddressed bugs (some of them being 2 years old) is too high to recommend playing No Man's Sky. I played on PC and pre-ordered the game in March 2016. I finished the only quest available in 2016 but never reached the centre of the galaxy.
Date Reviewed:
Sep 29, 2020
Hours Played: 355
Beat the Game: No
Platform: PC
Social Play: Played mostly solo
8.5 / 10.0
The definition of a game redemption. The game was bad at launch. But today it is an incredible game. It is kind of similar to Subnautica but with 18 quintillion planets. 18. Quintillion. The game has a focus on exploration and a bit of grinding and with the latest update (Expeditions) the game has some fun multiplayer elements as well. I only have two problems with the game: 1)
Date Reviewed:
Apr 15, 2021
Beat the Game: Yes
Platform: XB1
Fan of the Genre: Yes
Social Play: Played mostly solo
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