Watch Dogs 2

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6 / 10.0
Do you trust your government? Do you trust your social media outlets? Do you trust anyone with money or power? That's what Watch Dogs 2 constantly asks you as you play through the campaign. You play as a hacker named Marcus who is trying to take over what Aiden Pierce did in the first Watch Dogs and take down the corporate conglomerate Blume and their ctOS 2.0 system that is
Date Reviewed:
Apr 15, 2021
Hours Played: 20
Beat the Game: Yes
Platform: PC
Fan of the Genre: Yes
Fan of the Dev: Yes
Fan of the Series: Yes
I bought the most expensive version of the game and have not been able to play it once even though my computer perfectly covers the technical requirements. Lousy purchase. Bad technical service. I don't recommend it.
Date Reviewed:
Dec 11, 2020
Beat the Game: No
Platform: PC
Fan of the Dev: No
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