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Underground Keeper

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 15, 2016

Developer: Render System

Genre: Puzzle

Underground Keeper is a logical 3D puzzle game from a first person view. You will enjoy hours of excellent entertainment in a 60 sophisticated levels and 4 fine-tuned environments. Render System, the authors of the popular action game TankZone Battle, will drag you through Underground Keeper into the world where you will not get further without thinking. Map, pickaxe, lamp and a some explosives will become your best buddies. You will have to get through dozens of levels only with their help until you reach the end – your freedom. Chance to survive between the walls mined all over and on dangerous places is granted only to those who have thought through every step and are able to foresee the future. Dig up the surroundings and slowly proceed until you hit the indication of danger. Display with numerical value will show you how many dangerous sites are located in your area and you have to choose the right strategy to move forward. Search, explore and try to locate walls mined all over with a little help of map and some hints. You can destroy it by the explosives in order to get a little further. Should you discover a safe road, you still need to find the portal and go through it to the next level. Difficulty of levels rises alongside with your transition to higher levels and what initially seems like a nice and easy journey, with an increasing time activates brain cells of all true lovers of puzzle games. Accept the challenge, overcome all the pitfalls and find a way out in a beautiful Underground Keeper puzzle game!

Underground Keeper Critic Reviews


Karl Rocco
6.5 / 10.0

Developed by Render System, Underground Keeper is a 3D puzzle game played from the first-person perspective. Similar to the PC game Minesweeper, players will have to use logic in order to navigate around and avoid all of the mines in each level. There are 60 challenging levels along with 4 types of environments that will keep even the most experienced puzzle players on their toes.

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