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9 / 10.0
It is really difficult to get into Warframe all on your own, without watching or reading some gameplay and forum contents. But what makes Warframe such an incredible experience is the incredibly kind and helpful community, you will always have someone to guide you, help you understand the game mechanics and content, and take you in their squad to do a bunch of different missions,
Date Reviewed:
Dec 29, 2020
Hours Played: 500
Beat the Game: Yes
Platform: PC
Fan of the Genre: No
Social Play: Played mostly with friends
4 / 10.0
The game has been out for 8 years and still in Beta state. Btw the Beta label also pretty much describes DE's (devs) effort towards the game. DE doesnt care or listen to the community. Every "new" content is pretty much copy/paste of something old. Graphics - very outdated. Warframe is still fun to play IF you are a new player - it got a TON of content for you to go through.
Date Reviewed:
Dec 23, 2020
Hours Played: 3000
Beat the Game: Yes
Platform: PS4
Fan of the Genre: Yes
Social Play: Played a mix of with friends and solo
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