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Japanese School Life

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Game Information

Available on:PCNov 22, 2016

Developer: code:jp

Publisher: Sekai Project

Genre: Interactive Story

Welcomed by the fluttering of cherry blossom, the main character, Brian, starts a new high school life in Japan. Brian soon starts to get along with two girls in the same class after they start to talk to him. With their help, Brian gradually learns Japanese culture and customs.
Japanese School Life - [Visual Novel] | I'M AN AMERICAN?! [1] thumbnail

Japanese School Life - [Visual Novel] | I'M AN AMERICAN?! [1]

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Hardcore Gamer

2.5 / 5.0
Hardcore Gamer

Japanese School Life is not a new idea in the visual novel space – Go! Go! Nippon and the confusingly similarly named Tokyo School Life both offer a similar plot.

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