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General Information

Available on:PlayStation VitaJan 17, 2017

Publisher: Tama Games

Genre: RPG

FEATURING: ★ Simple and easy controls. Supermagical is intuitive, whimsical, and super fun! ★ Colorful and captivating graphics. Detailed and playful levels full of smooth motion and charming magical effects ★ Three uniquely individual and unique worlds to explore, with a total of 71 levels! A thrilling adventure from start to finish, guaranteed! And definitely don’t miss the epic ending ★ Play Manuel’s Couples Game and Piñatas to win goodies ★ Six powerful warlocks will be at your beck and call to help you fight off the Minix Combine the warlocks' powerful spells and watch the Minix run for their lives! ★ Fun dialog between Nina and her wicked sisters Pick the right answers and convince the sisters to leave Nina’s world - STAT! ★ Collect the necessary ingredients to cook up some Ultramagic Spells they'll assist you in your battles ★ Discover all of Nina’s powerful pets: Love Hamster, Unisheep, and more! ★ Hitch a ride on the Epic Dragon or the Bright Eyed Tiger to explore new cities!

Supermagical Critic Reviews

Supermagical is a very fun puzzle game with a good variety of levels and plenty of content to enjoy. You’ll spend many hours just completing each of the available stages, and getting a three-star rating on each one will at least double your time with this portable release. If you want a good portable puzzle game, then I highly recommend that you get Supermagical. I look forward to playing the next release from Tama Games because so far they’ve given us two fun portable releases.

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8 / 10

Supermagical is a very fun puzzle game that you’re going to love on PS Vita. There’s a lot of content to enjoy and many collectibles to get with your hard earned coins, making this a highly addictive release you won’t be able to put down until the end. There’s some mild stuttering and slowdown at some points in the game (which the developer is fixing with a patch soon), but it certainly was not a deal-breaker for me since I kept coming back for more.

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Even with its downsides, Supermagical is a blast to play with its cheerful game world and addictive collectibles.

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Supermagical - Universal - HD Sneak Peek Gameplay Trailer

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