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Undead Blackout

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 3, 2017

Developer: Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios Ltd

Genres: Action, Third-Person Shooter

Can you survive a horde of the undead with nothing more than a flashlight and your wits? Oh and some guns. Obviously you have guns. The first PC game from indie studio Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios, Undead Blackout is a fast-paced, action filled, top-down, twin-stick zombie shooter that can be enjoyed alone or with a friend. If Super Smash TV had a baby with Left4Dead then Undead Blackout would be the tiny, zombie offspring. The game will challenge the most experienced zombie killers out there. You will die. A lot. Escape to safety in Arcade mode or try your hand at Survival if you don't fancy some old-school level to level progression. Survival mode simply sees you facing off against zombies for as long as you can and racking up the most amount of points possible before inevitably meeting your demise. Arcade mode can be played in split-screen Co-Op while Survival has both Co-Op and Versus modes, Versus mode simply being a battle for the highest score or you could ignore the scores and just try and kill each other while avoiding the undead.

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