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Blueprint Tycoon

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 13, 2016

Developer: Endless Loop Studios

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

In Blueprint Tycoon you are tasked with running a settlement by gathering raw materials and crafting them into complex goods to be supplied to your contractor for a profit. Create your own Blueprints for each Crafter/Harvester using multiple Workers with a multitude of Tools and try to create the most productive Blueprints. Profit margins are razor thin so you must focus on ensuring peak efficiency at every point of your supply chain, if something breaks you must be swift in managing your cash flow before your treasury runs out and you face the wrath of unpaid Workers!

Blueprint Tycoon Critic Reviews

Blueprint Tycoon just isn't particularly fun. Without a way to lose, there's no real challenge… It all just feels like a long, somewhat tedious, tutorial.

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