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Starfighter Origins

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 25, 2017

Developer: Madaboutgames

Publisher: MAG Studios

Genres: Simulation, Vehicle Combat

Starfighter Origins is a 90`s style Indie space combat simulator inspired by games such as wing commander, Freespace and star wars. Combining a focus on single player action and favouring full space combat simulation over dog-fighting, Starfighter Origins looks and plays best using a Gamepad and also supports HOTAS. Limited keyboard and mouse is also supported Space Combat Evolved Starfighter origins builds on the late 90`s space combat simulators with a focus on space combat. Unlike other games which which concentrate on other aspects of gameplay such as trading, infinite universes and dynamic content and multiplayer. Star fighter Origins focuses solely on the space combat and keeps the same feel and diversity of titles it was inspired by such as Wing Commander, Freespace and Star Wars. Unique Pick up and play control system Starfighter origins is easy to get to grips with even if you have never played a space combat simulator before. The CDF ships use a gravity drive and magnetic drive which gives much better control over the ship compared to the old rocket propulsion system. While the controls are easy to pick up and get to grips with each ship is different and will take time to master.

Starfighter Origins Critic Reviews

Bar some buggy controls and slightly mediocre gameplay, it might have been an enjoyable blast of nostalgia… But Starfighter Origins flaunts its influences so brazenly that it's difficult, no matter how much I tell myself that it was made by a small team of indie devs, not to compare it to those giants of the genre.

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This could have been a solid title with a lot of replay value. Should it get some updates to address a number of the issues and frustrations then Starfighter Origins could be a good, if not great, title. For now though I'm sorry to say that its next flight is grounded.

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