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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneMay 30, 2017

Publisher: Space Lizard Studio

Genre: Action

Robots are everywhere! They've conquered the whole planet, destroyed the place you used to call home and kidnapped your dragon-mom. That's not right, bros! Definitively not right. The only cure for this terrible mess is to exterminate those cranky machines with bullets and big explosions! Play as a young dragon in this 2D retro run & gun adventure, in co-op or solo. Armed with shotguns and laser cannons, free your mom from the evil Mechaliches! Story Four teenage dragons go on an adventure to save their kidnapped mom. The culprits? The mechaliches! They are an evil robotic society who survived the collapse of a technologically advanced alien civilization. On their way, our dragons meet various mega bosses and learn more about their enemies goals. Features - A smooth and fresh interpretation of classic Run and Gun games, - Solo or local co-op up to 2 players, - Tons of enemies to blow up, - Gorgeous pixel art, - Lots of weapons with alternatives firing modes, - Punchy soundtrack with old school tones, - Far too many explosions, - Higher difficulty modes for an extra challenge, - Hyper responsive controls and non stop action, Gameplay SHOOT SHOOT - DIE - SECRET PASSAGE - ROLL - OH NO IT'S A TRAP! There are a dozen kind of enemies. Some are just shooting at you, other lob at you, some fly around and drop bombs, some have a shield in front of them, some fly and shoot, some are slow but very resistant, some are sniping you, some punch you etc. Use the map to travel freely through already completed levels and improve your previous high score. You can collect power ups along the track (machine gun, super laser, naval cannon, heath pack, etc.). Every act of destruction rewards you with scraps (score). Use them to unleash your weapon super powers for a few seconds: bigger bullets, bouncy projectiles, increased range, higher damage, larger splash area, secondary effects, etc!

Dragon Bros Reviews

Dragon Bros is one of the most enjoyable cooperative run and gun games that you'll ever play.

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Dragon Bros inherits only style from games of the past age. The mechanics and special effect are brought in from the games of its times. It's fast and it's fun. It offers speed run and it provides planty of distractions like its own version of Space Invaders. What else should we wish for?

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Dragon Bros takes very few hours to beat, and it doesn’t really have lengthy enough levels to constitute having only 20 or so of them. Maybe more of it will come down the chute post game release, but at the moment, it feels more like a start-up rather than a fully developed title.

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