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General Information

Available on:PCOct 11, 2017

Developer: Ghostbutter

Genre: Action

RING THE BELL, MEET THE PATIENTS. Step into the role of the Wunderdoktor, a traveling doctor whose daily work is to cure rare and exotic diseases. Explore a world full of quackery, ghosts and addictive potions. FEATURES: Your own private medical stone gargoyle assistant. Meet mysteriously beaked potion sellers and quacks. Harvest berry pimples & kobold eggs. Treat arachnocough & find a cure for ghostly maladies. Scoop out the innards of clams growing on criminal sharks.

Wunderdoktor Reviews

Wunderdoktor's beautiful handmade world is a delight to travel through, but beneath that charming exterior lies a twitchy, unforgiving, and sometimes unrewarding puzzle game.

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Wunderdoktor – Launch Trailer

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Wunderdoktor – Reveal Trailer

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