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Corpse Mob

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 4, 2018

Developer: Organic Robot Games

Genre: Action

Kill thousands of zombies in single player and in local co-op in this fast-paced top-down arcade shooter. Stranded in a forest, surrounded by zombies four survivors have no choice but to grab some weapons and fight for their lives! Survive increasingly difficult attack waves of the undead and level up your characters to pack more punch. No time for tactics, get a gun and start shooting!

Corpse Mob Reviews

Corpse Mob is an honest game. It's a top-down arcade shooter for you to have a bit of fun in – no more, no less. Of course it'd be improved with online multiplayer support, and perhaps a bit more variation in between the waves, but then I expect it wouldn't cost less than £2.

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