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Cube Creator DX

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSNov 8, 2018

Developers: Arc System Works, Big John Games

Genres: Action, Adventure

Collect, build, craft, combat, and explore the world of cubes with friends. Design and share your creations. Cube Creator DX is a creative, action-adventure game with a freedom to explore the world of cubes with the look and feel coming from Japanese gameplay origins. Fight against monsters, gather resources, and craft new materials in this enhanced Cube Creator adaptation. You can build stages and share them with friends, or download stages created by other players in the Swapatorium - the place to view and try out stages. A swath of brand new monsters and enemies come out at night, and you’ll have to evade or fight them, or even place them into your own original worlds. There are also lots of new animals that can be collected, and can even be made to be your pet; they can be ridden around the environments. Use the new map feature to show where you and each of your friends are located in the environment. In survival mode and creative mode, you can play online or local with friends up to four players. Chat and communicate with other players using the new messaging feature and fun, new emoji animations. ■ Survival mode - Collect, build, craft, combat, and explore with friends in the name of survival. This mode features new weather cycles appearing throughout the environments. ■ Creative mode - Use cubes to build your own original world alongside your friends with unlimited cube resources. Movement is also unrestricted so you can fly around the environment with ease. Save these creations too! ■ Stage Builder mode New, special cubes which allow players to design challenging and entertaining levels: moving cubes, pushable cubes, breakable floor cubes, thorny (spiked) cubes, trampoline cubes, along with cubes that vanish, treasure chests, and warp portals Set goals for the group of players with time limits, as well as set the daylight cycle Save each stage and share with friends or with other DX players in the Swapatorium

Cube Creator DX Critic Reviews

Cube Creator DX is a fun, relaxing 3DS game. It's great to pick and play anywhere between the chill creative mode and the intense survival mode. Once you get used to the many controls, the game play is engaging and keeps your attention.

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