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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftDec 27, 2017
HTC ViveDec 27, 2017
PlayStation VRJan 29, 2019

Developer: Sumalab

Genre: Simulation

Have you ever feel the despair of running out of tracks just when the fun was sparkling? Have you ever dreamed about a huge train network connecting towns, going up and down, intersecting and looping? If you liked building with your own bare hands, you’ll feel the same in our limitless VR world and see your dreams come true. But this is not only about the destination it's also about the journey. Enjoy building your structures, growing more complex, while fighting against Newton’s laws. Once the job is done you can place as many trains as you want and ensure everyone’s safety avoiding crashes acting like a proffesional train traffic controller. Once you go track you can't go back. Come aboard!

TrainerVR Critic Reviews

TrainerVR does a good job of giving you the freedom to make your own elaborate train tracks but it could use at least some structure.

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TrainerVR Trailer

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TrainerVR v1.5 Trailer

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TrainerVR Gameplay #1 - Basic Loop


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