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Jun 6, 2019

Vectronom is well made and attractive. It's got a strong sense of minimalist style, and as difficult as it is, it's also entirely fair, and once you've learned its rules and behaviour, it becomes comfortable, albeit difficult, to play.

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Nick Benefield
Aug 1, 2019

Clocking in at just over 3 hours for a full playthrough (for this reviewer), Vectronom is certainly not a very long game. It is a very engrossing title though and I feel that given the hypnotic, relaxing nature of its levels, it has a relatively high replay value. You can also revisit levels that you were previously unable to obtain the highest scores in and replay them. This is the type of game that you put on when you have a great deal of outside stressors to worry about and just want something to get lost in. There’s no story, no characters, and no great prize at the end of your tale. There’s just you, your cube, and a bumpin’ EDM soundtrack to become entranced in. It may have been relatively short, but for the time that I spent with this one I couldn’t find any glaring flaws. Combined with a relatively low price point of $9.99 USD, I’d say this one’s worth your time if you’re looking for something to play around with in your down time.

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Jul 1, 2019

Vectronom is the latest title from game developer Ludopium. Ludopium is a team from Germany whose other games include Vandals and Bury Me, My Love. Vectronom is a game that feels like a platformer but is actually a puzzle game. Each stage is set above a void that needs to be navigated. The rhythm of the music sets the pace for the stage, in addition to providing clues about the hazards of the stages. In Vectronom, stages are solved with planning rather than quick reflexes.

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4.5 / 5.0
Jun 25, 2019

Vectronom is a compact rhythm game that uses simplicity to its advantage. The music fits the platforming perfectly, and trying to match the beat of a track is as enjoyable as it is challenging.

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Cultured Vultures

Top Critic

8 / 10.0
Jun 10, 2019

Vectronom is an incredibly fun and unique puzzler with a fantastic soundtrack, making it a perfect fit for the Switch.

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