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Lord of the Rings Online – Minas Morgul

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 29, 2019

Developer: Standing Stone Games

Genres: MMO, RPG

Uncover Deeds of Old and New The Lord of the Rings Online : Minas Morgul will take you on an expedition deep into the Morgul Vale in search of answers to a mystery that spans three thousand years. The words of the shade of Isildur will unearth secrets and visions of the Second Age that have remained untold until now, revealing playable landscape and new adventures from a crucial time in Middle-earth’s history. New Race: Stout-axe Dwarves Meet the lost civilization of Stout-axe Dwarves, and live their story of reemergence. Two New Regions Explore “The Morgul Vale” as well as “Mordor Besieged” Face Shelob Get 7 new 3-person and 6-person instances, and a new 12 person raid against one of the Morgul Vale’s most notorious residents. Level Cap Increase Reach character level 130 with the launch of the expansion! New Crafting Guild Benefits Earn guaranteed rare items, faster crafting, and more! The Black Book of Mordor Vanquish the lingering remnants of evil, and stop the remaining denizens of Mordor who conspire for power in the wake of Sauron’s defeat.

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I really enjoy playing LOTRO, and with the new expansion pack launch, I am enjoying it even more again.

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