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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftApr 9, 2020
HTC ViveApr 9, 2020

Developer: E McNeill

Genre: Action

Ironlights is a VR dueling game with skillful, fluid melee combat. Parry, block, and strike down your opponents using a variety of physics-based weapons. Test your skills in multiplayer battles, or fight to the top of the league in the huge single-player campaign! SKILLFUL SWORDPLAY Ironlights features dynamic back-and-forth swordplay thanks to a unique melee combat system. All weapons shatter on impact, and you have to swing them back behind you to “reload” them. You can’t just wiggle your sword at your opponent. Instead, you’ll need to think one step ahead of them, parrying their attacks and cleverly slipping past their defenses. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON From huge greatswords to quick rapiers, each weapon has its own unique weight and physics. Pick your favorite fighting style, whether you’re a Knight or a Ninja. MULTIPLAYER Test your skills in online cross-platform multiplayer battles. You can even play single-player games while you wait for a match, so you’re never stuck waiting in a lobby! SHOW OFF Who will you become under the glare of the stadium lights? Show off your moves and make the crowd roar! Then, check out a replay of your battle and export a video of your match to show the world what a champion looks like.

Ironlights Critic Reviews

Ironlights is fun, versatile, and should only get better when more people are searching for matches online. Its unique mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master, giving the game staying power.

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