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Saving You, From Yourself

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 11, 2018

Developer: Taylor McCue

Genre: Interactive Story

A game about gatekeeping. Play as a transgender therapist in this visual novel. Ask your patient questions about her gender identity and see how she responds. Determine if she should receive a letter of support for hormones or if she needs to attend more appointments with you. Between the appointments peek into your patient's life and see how your decisions impact her.

Saving You, From Yourself Reviews

Saving You From Yourself is just one story. In this one, it is possible to have a happy ending, for the experience of transitioning to be as friction-less as possible. But at every point it emphasizes how discrimination corrupts that process, making a moment of self-actualization a sequence of bureaucratic roadblocks. It was timely in 2018 and has only grown more significant in the time since release.

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