Underworld: Ascendant gets its first gameplay trailer

Underworld: Ascendant gets its first gameplay trailer

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Underworld: Ascendant is the next game from Paul Neurath and Warren Spector, a return to the classic first-person RPG series. The game will be showcased at the upcoming E3, but today publisher 505 Games wanted to show off some never before seen gameplay footage.

About Underworld: Ascendant

Published by 505 Games, Underworld Ascendant will return players to a memorable and breathtaking fantasy realm rife with danger and full of intrigue. The game encourages and rewards player experimentation, boasting an environment that reacts dynamically to player choices and a wide range of items, skills and abilities that affords players meaningful gameplay decisions. OtherSide is innovating upon the player-authored gameplay of the original series in bold new ways to bring the ‘immersive sim’ genre forward in this action-RPG.

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