Ghostwire: Tokyo Review Embargo Details

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review Embargo Details

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With Ghostwire: Tokyo set to release on March 25th, we now have the Ghostwire: Tokyo review embargo details to share with you. 

The review embargo for Ghostwire: Tokyo is set for March 21st at 6:00 a.m. PDT. Head over to the Ghostwire: Tokyo page after that time for all of the latest Ghostwire: Tokyo reviews from outlets!

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the latest game from Tango Gameworks, known for their previous titles The Evil Within (73 OC Rating), and The Evil Within 2 (80 OC Rating). Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action adventure game, played in the first person perspective. The game's combat director has described the combat as "karate meets magic." In Ghostwire: Tokyo, nearly all of the citizens of Tokyo have vanished and spirits known as "visitors" have invaded the city. You'll play as Akito, who is possessed by a spirit detective named KK. With his newfound supernatural powers, Akito will fight spirits across Tokyo as he unravels the mystery as to what happened and why. 

A number of outlets have released Ghostwire: Tokyo previews ahead of launch, which you can read below:

Final Previews:

  • IGN - "A glance at Ghostwire: Tokyo’s game map might make it seem like just another icon-strewn open world adventure, but its ominous atmosphere and unique paranormal encounters give it an allure unlike any other."
  • GameInformer - "Developer Tango Gameworks' open-world environments are as ambitious as they are unsettling, as twisting hallways and shifting rooms give way to dreadful encounters with Yōkai – wayward spirits inspired by Japanese folklore."
  • Gamespot - "Whether its anomalous combat is engaging enough to sustain an entire game remains to be seen, but after playing through Ghostwire: Tokyo's first two chapters, the early promise is certainly there."

Early Previews:

  • Ars Technica - "the 28 minutes I've reviewed exceeded all of my expectations"
  • CGMagonline - "I have every confidence that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be worth the wait"
  • USA Today - "Ghostwire Tokyo is unlike anything else I’ve seen before, and I can’t wait to put in a proper shift with it."
  • TechRaptor - "GhostWire: Tokyo really feels like it can bring something new to the table, and we can't wait to play the full version of the game."

Ghostwire: Tokyo releases on March 25th, 2022 for PC, and Playstation 5.

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