Two Point Campus Review Embargo Details

Two Point Campus Review Embargo Details

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Two Point Campus is just around the corner on August 9th, and now we have the Two Point Campus review embargo details, so you know when to check back on OpenCritic for all of the biggest reviews. 

The review embargo for Two Point Campus is set for August 4th at 7:00 a.m. PST. Class will be in session soon, so be sure to check out the Two Point Campus page for all of the latest reviews.

Two Point Campus is the latest in the Two Point series, which has seen players in charge of building and running a hospital in the past. Now, Two Point has set its sights on the academia world, where you will be creating your own university. You'll build everything you'd want to find on a good university campus: classroom buildings, libraries, recreational areas like tennis courts, housing and dorm rooms, well-landscaped garden areas, pathways to get to everything in-between, and more.

Since this is part of the Two Point series, it's not a straight forward here's your math class, science, etc. No, Two Point is going with the wild and bizarre with things like Knight class, where students to be a knight. There's also a cooking class that includes baking gigantic pizzas and pies that are wider than the tallest person on campus. 

Previews for Two Point Campus have been generally positive so far in the run up to release, check out a few below:

IGN may be one of the more critical: "After all, from what I played, running this college felt a lot like running the hospital in their previous game."

VG247 can't wait to see more: "But so far, Two Point Campus feels like not just a worthy successor to its direct predecessor - but also to the old game that inspired this new franchise. That’s no mean feat."

The Gamer: "Without a doubt, two Point Campus will be a game that I sink hundreds of hours into."

Two Point Campus releases on August 9th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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