Mario Tennis Aces is off to a STRONG Start

Mario Tennis Aces is off to a STRONG Start

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Mario Tennis Aces is due to launch this Friday for the Nintendo Switch, and that means the reviews are coming in fast today with the racket-filled sports game sitting STRONG as of this writing at 80 on OpenCritic. 19 reviews in, with some still declining to give a score, it seems Nintendo will indeed have another hits on its hands. Here are some sample reviews:

  • COGConnected: 86/100 - "Put everything together, and Mario Tennis Aces is a great addition to the Switch lineup. For hardcore tennis fans, there’s lots of authenticity to the shot selection and special moves. If you like an RPG-style Mario adventure, there’s a deep and well-written mode that will keep you interested."
  • NintendoLife: 8/10 - "We're used to seeing Wii U games transfer to Switch, but for Ultra Smash to have moved across without a substantial makeover would have been disastrous. Aces, wonderfully, is anything but that – it's a superb arcade sports game that's generous with its suite of player options and only occasionally guilty of being a little cheap in its Adventure Mode."
  • GamesRadar+: 4/5 - "A bizarre coming together of Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis that strangely works, even if the Adventure mode occasionally frustrates."

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