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Opinion: Diablo 3 on Switch is the best edition for an obvious reason

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The Nintendo Switch port of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is just as you'd expect - a rock solid port of the PS4 and XB1 console versions. But it's the portability of the Switch itself that makes this version the best yet.

I've been spending the better part of the last week tearing through Adventure Mode on a new Season 15 Barbarian. The beauty of D3 on the Switch is also that Adventure Mode - the gameplay mode where you take on bounties, open up rifts, and just play how you want - is unlocked from the beginning. The full story and all five acts are there, as is the Necromancer and the Crusader. It's content complete, and works with any and all Amiibo you own.

And let's not forget that the coolest Switch carrying case is now part of that Eternal Collection Switch bundle Blizzard teamed up with Nintendo. I'm seriously considering getting a second Switch for no real reason other than the dock and case.

It also runs at 60fps and targeted 960p when docked, and a rock solid 30fps when in handheld mode. It never dipped below the 30 mark in all my hours with it this week. Take a look at IGN's gameplay video below:

By now, most Diablo fans are just waiting to get Diablo 4 news (next year?), and possibly that mythical Diablo mobile game that we all know is coming. But don't sleep on Diablo 3 on Switch, either. If you've loved the PC or other console versions and wish you could take it with you anywhere (including the toilet), Diablo 3 on the Switch is the best version of the game bar none. Its pick up and put down nature works exceedingly well with the Switch's portability, and all I can say is that I hope Diablo 4 lands on the Nintendo console too.

Make it happen, Blizzard.

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