Six New Characters Added to Gears 5 Multiplayer

Six New Characters Added to Gears 5 Multiplayer

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With just a month under its belt, Gears 5 is already bringing a lot of new content for players. Today Title Update 1.5 launches, which brings with it a bunch of fixes and changes you can find here. The big new additions, of course, are the six new playable characters: COG Soldier, DeeBee, General RAAM, Warden, Grace, and Rev-9.

T-800 and Sarah Connor have already made their way to Gears 5, with a character pack you can purchase for $19.99. That's the same deal for Grace and Rev-9, two characters from the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. Grace's character is being voiced by Mackenzie Davis, the actress that will be portraying the character on the big screen this next month. Rev-9 is, of course, a new Terminator model for the heroes to contend with.

COG Soldier, DeeBee, General RAAM, and Warden are all in-universe characters, however. Unlike the Grace and Rev-9 pack, these for characters can be earned individually in-game, or you could buy them if you wanted. Each will cost 500 Iron, which comes to $4.99 if you were to just buy the Iron itself. Otherwise, you can play some Gears 5 multiplayer to earn Iron.

Both the COG Soldier and DeeBee join the Heroes side of things in Gears 5. The COG Soldier is a Gear trained for use by the Coalition of Ordered Governments, so it's definitely no slouch. DeeBees should be familiar to Gears fans, but if you don't know, DeeBees are robots created to do all manner of dangerous tasks. Of course, that eventually meant killing things.

General RAAM and Warden join things on the Villains side. General RAAM should be a familiar face as well, and he brings his smart ruthlessness to multiplayer. Wardens are another enemy type you'll likely be familiar with if you've played Gears 5. Their style of mayhem and carnage can now be in your hands too.

For all the breakdowns on the new characters, including the new abilities they bring to Gears 5 multiplayer, check here.

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