No Loot Boxes or Map Packs in Modern Warfare, It's Getting a Battle Pass Instead

No Loot Boxes or Map Packs in Modern Warfare, It's Getting a Battle Pass Instead

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Today, Activision revealed the first plans for additional content for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is set to release October 25th. Obviously, multiplayer is a big deal in Modern Warfare and how players engage with it and what content they expect plays an integral part in its success. To that end, Activision has announced that there will be no season pass, no map packs to purchase, and no loot boxes.

The loot box announcement still has some folks skeptical, which isn't a surprise considering loot boxes were slipped into Black Ops 4 without really an announcement. In a blog post, Activision says that they will not be in the game whatsoever.

Modern Warfare has a new approach for the Call of Duty series, which is to make sure all maps and modes are available for all players. This, of course, will prevent a fragmentation of the playerbase—a division between those that may or may not have a certain map pack or mode because they did not purchase the DLC. So, updates will come to everyone whenever a new mode or map is introduced to the game for free.

That doesn't mean Modern Warfare will be lacking in things to purchase, however. There will be cosmetics, and as usual in a Call of Duty title, there are a ton of attachments and base weapons you'll unlock by playing the game. The Battle Pass system is what allows you to earn COD Points by playing the game, which can be used to purchase those items. You'll be able to purchase things with actual money if you wish as well.

The Battle Pass system will not be in the game on launch, but will be coming sometime later this year.

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