Free Content Out For Surge 2 Today; Season Pass Coming Soon

Free Content Out For Surge 2 Today; Season Pass Coming Soon

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The Surge 2 released just a month ago, and it received a Strong rating here at Opencritic. Now that the game has settled some, developer Deck13 is starting up the post-release content today.The first set of content is out now and is free, no matter what you're playing the game on.

The free content, dubbed the Future Shock Weapon Pack, is a weapon pack that adds in four new weapons: Golden Twin Blades, the "EFH" Heavy Duty Weapon, the Mangled Articulators Punching Gloves, and the Golden Harvest Double Duty Weapon. All you need to do is find the enemies that wield these weapons and they're yours!

Next week, Deck13 will detail The Surge 2's Season Pass, which promises to contain more weapons, gear, implants, and more. The big thing with the Season Pass, however, is a new storyline DLC that will take place in a new environment. Deck13 hasn't detailed what that is yet, but we can expect to hear a lot more next week.

With The Surge 2's approach to open world content, expanding beyond the levels in the original game, the idea of opening up even more in a story DLC can be an appealing one. There's obviously many different ways Deck13 can go as well, by either extending the story or exploring something new. The soulslike combat is obviously what carries the game (and the dismemberment), but expanding a world people are interested in can give The Surge 2 some staying power it wouldn't otherwise have. The more story DLC we have, the more we can learn about its world.

In gaming's changing landscape, keeping players playing a game longer seems to be the goal of many developers. Something like a Season Pass has become the norm, and those looking for more The Surge 2, keep an eye out next week.

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