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Aug 28, 2017

Subsurface Circular is a compelling and emotional rollercoaster of a game, and I only wish I could’ve stayed on that train for a little while longer.

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- Pyre
Aug 12, 2017

Pyre is a magnificently crafted game. Its captivating story and charming characters will weigh on your mind hours after you've made a potentially game-altering decision.

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Aug 9, 2017

Frightening, immediate and exhilarating, Thumper does well to immediately set itself apart as a rhythm game.

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Like any remake or –master, your experience with the game, or lack thereof, will heavily influence your time with the N. Sane Trilogy. Fortunately, whether you’re a Relic-collecting master or a new player coming to see what all the fuss is about, there are tons of reasons to pick up the collection.

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