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Oct 20, 2017

Diner Dash 666: Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! is a new game from Daylight that was released on a Friday the 13th for no better reason than style. It's a kitchen simulator along the lines of a Diner Dash or flash sushi bar games that were so popular a couple of years ago, with a couple of big twists.

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Nov 22, 2016

All of the traditional gameplay mechanics from AZS1 (the OG, or vanilla Azure Striker title) are back, and Gunvolt is every bit the familiar character we remember. The crafting, the Prevasion, the Anthem, the uber skills, the different tagging bullets, they are all just as you left them, and they will be both every bit as comfortable and powerful as you need or want them to be, depending on your opt-in handicap preferences.

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7 / 10.0 - Lumo
Jun 6, 2016

Lumo suffers from some fairly serious shortcomings, but they are shortcomings by design. The isometric jump puzzle genre died a long time ago, as far as I’m concerned, and while Lumo is a very well done homage to this, it just brought back the urge to assume the fetal position and rock myself back to sanity. Despite this, it is a very good, if simple, game that I played through, to completion, in a single sitting. You get a crazy amount of entertainment for your money, and you aren’t bothered with fighting or health mechanics, either.

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