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Deranged Asylum

Favorite Games:
  • Grand Theft Auto; Vice City
  • Fallout 3
  • DOOM

25 games reviewed
74.0 average score
80 median score
84.0% of games recommended
Feb 15, 2016

"Dying Light The Following lifts players out of the mean ravaged streets of Harran to offer up a completely different world filled with new characters and a gripping storyline along with new side quests. While the Bozak Horde and other previous DLC for the game added extra activities and a competitive nature, The Following pushes the story in a whole new direction filled with twists, turns and conspiracy theories, seriously…what's not to enjoy!".

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Jan 31, 2016

"This War Of Mine: The Little Ones is a sad and tragic story of one group's survival amidst conflict, portrayed brilliantly by the silent but powerful characters that help bring the game to life".

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Nov 29, 2015

"Overall, Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil had so much promise, especially after Codemasters made it's announcement via Twitter, that has all to suddenly turned to disdain with its poor construction and lack of substance. The story can be completed within seven hours with up to four players if you can find three misguided fools to share your pain with".

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Nov 9, 2015

"The action throughout is pulsating with exciting combat that rarely fails to deliver, with all new combat elements and crafting system to get to grips with and some of the greatest scenery I have ever encountered in a video game, the latest addition to the series is not only a fitting one but a great sight".

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6.5 / 10.0 - Stairs
Sep 30, 2015

"Although it does have its fair share of nerve wrecking moments, Stairs focus on exploration and puzzles will entertain most players".

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