Evan Witt

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86 / 100 - Invisible Inc.
May 20, 2015

Among the many buttons to be found in gamers' hearts, two very common ones are "Just One More Turn!" and "Don't Let Them See Me." Invisible Inc hits these buttons over and over again, right on the money, and putting triple-A titles to shame in the art of excellent stealth gameplay.

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80 / 100 - Armello
Oct 16, 2015

The question of whether you should buy and play Armello comes down to whether you would enjoy its format as a turn-based four-player board game. If that description doesn't immediately make you grimace, then this is the best entry in its genre to arrive for the past five years.

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73 / 100 - Abyss Odyssey
Aug 7, 2014

The best parts about Abyss Odyssey are those in which it is utterly unique: a Mediterranean fantasy setting, a brightly pastel art style, and a fun mix of roguelike randomization with fighter-game mechanics. That said, none of these points make the game engaging enough to have your friends come back for more in-house fun.

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69 / 100 - Starwhal
Oct 11, 2014

Starwhal is probably a little overpriced, but it will deliver on its promises for a good half-hour or so. It is truly fun to bungle and slide your way around a level until you just barely manage to spear your opponent through with your nose. It's just not fun twice.

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68 / 100 - Sunless Sea
May 4, 2015

Sunless Sea truly does capture what it must feel like to be a ship's captain on a dark underground ocean - sometimes it feels exciting and wondrous, but usually it feels lethargic and dreary. I should've stayed in London and became a shopkeeper.

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65 / 100 - Shadowgate
Sep 7, 2014

Shadowgate wants to remind players of what games were like twenty years ago, albeit with a fresh visual covering. The improved presentation is a welcome addition, but the unevolved gameplay and story will tend to feel outdated. In the end, it feels overpriced for a single jolt of nostalgia.

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