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With an unhealthy obsession with Coffee and Gaming, Boris uses his obsessions to fuel his passion for the gaming community. An avid fan of First Person Shooters, RPGs, if it's got explosions he's playing it. Most likely drinking coffee and playing an FPS right now :)
9 / 10.0 - DiRT 4
Jun 8, 2017

Whether you are a newcomer or veteran in the Dirt Rally series Dirt 4 is the apex in RallyCross racing. When you look back to Dirt Rally there were a few flaws that you would think would be ironed out and additional features added, well  Dirt 4 does that spectacularly well while also making it enjoyable for the newcomers who are on a journey to being fearless. Dirt 4 has redefined rally games, not sure if Codemasters know how high they set the bar now :)

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Feb 5, 2017

The plot is an interesting and very much a Resident Evil story but the biggest difference between this Resident Evil and previous versions is the first person perspective.

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9.5 / 10.0 - Marvel's Spider-Man
Sep 6, 2018

Your friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-Man has officially arrived in New York and the PlayStation 4. What is quite obvious in the game is you play as Peter Parker obviously, and in Insomniac’s Spider-Man you will be taking on all the bad guys throughout the gorgeous scenery of Manhattan with his fast, agile movements and upgrades. Not only has Peter been Spider-Man for eight years now, he is going after some of the biggest thugs in the city including the Kingpin!

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