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Mar 7, 2017

Despite the lack of originality in the genre, Horizon Zero Dawn is a textbook example of a game perfectly put together to give the audience an emotional and unforgettable experience. The freshness and the beautifully crafted world is what we have been waiting to see this year and it has been delivered on a golden platter. Aloy just gave Lara Croft a run for her money. She is the ultimate badass.

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8.7 / 10.0 - For Honor
Feb 17, 2017

Ubisoft’s For Honor is an enjoyable, visually stunning and gritty experience that might be a bit too original for its own good. Being such a niche genre might push away your normal players, and the singleplayer part might not be enough for someone to cough up $60. Nevertheless, with the right community management, a steady flow of updates, balancing and a ranked mode coming, it could become something great, like what happened with Rainbow Six Siege, 6 month after its launch. Who knows? But for now, give this title a chance as it’s a good one.

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